Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) which allows the participants to settle their disputes out of court. By working together to resolve and settle issues, the participants have far more control over the ultimate resolution and disposition of their dispute than they otherwise might have in court. Mediated settlements are also more effective because the parties themselves had a hand in the resolution.

The process of mediation includes joint or separate (also called caucus) meetings with the mediator. The mediator is a neutral, meaning that the mediator does not represent either party. Rather, the mediator maintains an impartial role while assisting the participants in resolving the issues between them. Participants may attend mediation sessions with or without their attorneys. This is usually decided on a case by case basis. Matters discussed in separate meetings with the mediator are confidential. The mediator's role is to work with the parties to help them reach resolution on the issues at hand.

Robert H. Collins is a trained and experienced mediator. He completed his first general civil mediation training course in 1994 and since then has been on the Minnesota Supreme Court List of Neutrals. To supplement his mediation skills, he completed Hamline University Mediation Center's 40-hour Family Law mediation course in January, 2009 and is enjoying co-mediating select divorce/family law matters. 

Mr. Collins is available to act as a mediator or arbitrator in most civil disputes.  If you have any questions, please contact him directly at 651.464.7400 x 1 or